NOTE: the game contains a minigame (tic tac toe) that only works in the downloadable versions (as C# threading is used and this apparently does not work in the HTML export). Please play the downloadable version if possible.

A point and click mystery adventure game made for the Godot Wild Jam 26.

Halloween, 3:15pm. Three hours since a treacherous colleague stole your sandwich.
The last time you saw your lunch it was around midday. By 13:00pm, the fridge was bare. Interrogate your suspects. Search for clues. Identify the culprit. But beware! Everyone has a secret...

Theme: Spooky, bread
Wildcards: Delightfully mundane and include a cheat code.

The HTML version may have laggy audio - if you're having issues, please download the downloadable versions.

Please note, this project is unpolished with two rooms cut. The story is unaffected and the game can still be finished. We may complete it in a post-jam update.

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Version 3 37 days ago
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Version 4 37 days ago
Download 58 MB
Version 4 37 days ago

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